I taught Hitler

I just got this through as a pass-on of someone elses work that I once taught.

Feel free to laugh at the teenage angst and plans for world domination...

Teenager's Thoughts by (Someone in year 10)

I can't stop feeling I'm being watched.
Innocent on the outside,
And the time goes tick tock.
The horror is back to make me cry,
As my heart was ripped, two pieces, apart.
Life is so young, yet I must die.
No feelings of regret as my love was by my side.
But now as the craziness swept over my thoughts,
I walked in the opposite direction and got lost.
The oceans and its waves bled hatred.
I have just realised that my life was wasted.
As the waves crashed over, I suffered the pain,
I guess that I must be going insane.
And as my life lay in ruins, a promise was made,
That the whole world must suffer exactly the same.
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