Ever wanted to give an annoying kid an essay...?

Well now you CAN with the new "mischief Essay giver"!

Am on a bit of a blitz at the moment. Any feckin about in class results in an essay to be in at 9am the next morning. This morning I got a FANTASTIC pair of essays back about "The history of safety goggles" - to be scanned and posted right here later - in which I learn from my year 8s that

"The Inuit carved goggles from caribou antler to help prevent snowblindness. The goggles were curved to fit the user's face and had a large groove cut in the back to allow for nose. A long thing slit was cut through the goggles to allow in a small amount of light. The goggles were held to the head by a cord made of caribou sinew"

Flippin eck!

This was so much fun to read as was the next one that I didn´t even rip it in half and throw it in the bin in front of their faces like normal. Instead I had an idea.

The punishment for misbehaviour is simple. One side A4 on a topic which is already written on the top of an A4 sheet of paper. 10 words per line or you have to repeat and any argument gets you an extra side, all in for tomorrow morning at 9am.

So far I have the following titles...

The history of the atom
The story of penicillin
Architecture in Madrid
The historical significance of salt
Analysing Don Quijote
The history of rock music
Perspective in modern art

Any more suggestions....

I'm gonna collect them and make them into a book later. It's gonna be a treasure trove of completely pointless information...

(let's not have "the sex life/inside of a ping pong ball" please it was funny the first time I heard it 17 years ago but has lost it's edge a bit now...)
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