Top of the pile!

Always a big fan of promoting myself, I typed in my name in google again today. After years of languishing in google obscurity somewhere on page 5, where a school I once worked for had forgotten to delete my name from the staff list, I had vied to take that other smug bastard, cunnigly named Andrew B. Hoang off the top of the pile.

He'd been there for ages without even updating his page and that wound me up. Hell you may even remember that I sent him a legal-sounding note to try to scare him just so I could get this blog up the rankings. But still he stayed at the top of the pile and this blog remained consistent on 5 hits a day. He didn't respond. Bastard.

Anyway, today was the day that all the work and self-promotional gumph of the last few weeks paid off. I am now top of the google hitlist when you type my name in!

Of course I'm not lettin it all this fame go to me head.

I'm fucking brilliant me!

This blog still only gets five hits a day though...
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