Dosa Boys Insider: Day 3 to Dharmapuri

The gaps in the team were starting to show at this point. Our lack of planning and cohesion meant that at this point our true personalities began to come through.

I had to twist the lads arms to get here tonight and I think we were bloody lucky to get level with the other teams and by goading them and saying that they didn't have the balls to whup it through the night perhaps I set the pace for the race. It was Nick's ambition to race, mine was always to try to push the rickshaw whether we raced or not.

At this point Ivan was not too pleased and I think that he really felt left out. He was fuming that we had to drive through the night when some of the other teams went to Goa and chilled out and made it clear that what he wanted to do was stay in Salem and chill the hell out, before moving across to the East Coast, possibly settling at Pondicherry for New Years Eve.

He was pissed off. Both the lads put forward the idea of turning around to Salem for the night as Dharmapuri wasn't even IN the guidebooks we had, but I goaded them and said that if we couldn't take a bit of sleeping in shitholes after all the travelling that we had done then perhaps we were just a bunch of pussies who would be better off at Butlins.

Well perhaps it was this day and my actions that set the tone for what happened later and maybe I should take some of the blame for what happens on day 8.
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