India in recall 2 - That's one DIRTY wallet fella...

I was makin my way across India in the summer of 2001 and, other than the Eunuchs and strange local folk who managed to stare unbroken at us Westerners for a FULL 34 hours there was one thing I just won't ever forget.

The bogs on the train were a bit more of a state than the ones here, even after I've forked all over the floor.

Basically they were just a hole. I mean like literally a hole in the train floor through which you could see the tracks going by at high speed. Somehow though, despite the fact that your shit and piss just went straight onto the tracks the toilet stunk to high heaven , maybe from cling-ons or more likely from people like me forking all over the place. Dirty bastard.

The train had stopped in the middle of nowhere and I needed a walk after about 20 hours sitting on my arse so I headed to the bog where I had to wait outside for the geezer inside takin a crap.

Suddenly the guy bursts out of the bog, jumps out of the carriage down the stairs and throws himself under the train.

"Strange" I thought.

A few seconds later, he emerges with his wallet in his hand, covered in little bits of shit, which he briskly rubbed off with his other hand. Happy that all his money was in there, he put it back in his pocket and got back on the train.

I was so happy for him I nearly shook his hand. I feel sick.

Oh and I tell ya what reminded me of that little gem. >>>Apparently the mesiah was born last year in a similar way...<<<
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