A career or six months in the Bahamas...? A reflection on how life changes

It's funny how things seem to change in my life. Whenever I return from one of my global adventures and everything seems to have stayed the same, I wonder how the hell other people seem to keep things so damn stabel.

There's a WORLD out there you know!

I guess that my nomadic existence must look a little odd to some, the fact that in 2005 I went to 10 different countries, and I have been on more planes in the last 3 years consecutively than I have been on coaches I guess if there's anything that can be said about my life is it's unique.

So it was a little strange when, in January this year I put it all aside and threw my considerable energy into the pursuit of a career. Between January and July of this year I didn't manage a single blog cos I was so entrenched in work and I was gettin quite good at it too. All I wanted was to become a great teacher.

But taht all went a little wrong and for the last few months I've really lost my way. So determined was I to just be great, that I'd lost my sense of adventure and I found it pretty hard to pick up where I left off, when it all came to an end.

But it's pretty obvious now that I'm no great profesional teacher. All I want to do is teach kids something and on the way have a great adventure and it seems to me that schools aren't always set up for kids to learn something.

So, when a job came up in the Bahamas, I initially thought, "Jesus, what a poor career move that would be." but as time has gone on, I am starting to warm to the idea. I mean shit I've made so many poor career moves in the last few months that I could write a book, and at least this one would land me in the sun for the next few months where I can write some damn good blogs!

So my career would be in tatters, my CV would look as bitty as Bitty Mclean, but I think would have spent 6 months in the Caribean, during the coldest UK months of the year.

...what would YOU do...?
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