Calling on the neighbours

I was listenin to Streetboy on Kiss FM the other day and he suggested sending a text to your "phone neighbour" and seeing what happens.

Your phone neighbour, for those of you who don't know, is the person whose number is one up or one down from yours, So where my number ends with 614, my phone neighbours are 615 and 613.

This sounded like a good idea, so I popped a text off introducing myself to my phone neighbours to see if they might have been up for a bit of textual intercourse.

"Hi" it said, "I'm your phone neighbour from the next number up the street. Want to be friends?"

The first reply, from 613 was short and brisk.

"Sod off"

And they say that manners are dying out in this country.

In real life I've never spoken to my neighbours so after 2 days wait, I had all but given up hope when the text came back from 615.

"Are you a girl?" it said, in a neighbourly kind of way.

"No, I'm not", I replied.

"Sod off then" came the quick reply.

Time to go ex-directory methinks...
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