Anarchist cockup

Pissed up and ready to go... a day early!
I've spent a bit of time tryin to find out about anarchist activities or at least stuff that's not very mainstream to do. I've been looking at Circle line parties, various anarchist groups like space hijackers and guerilla gardening.

Finally I found out about somethin called flashmobbing recently and on their site found out that there was one like this month and figured that that must be like NOW. I was well excited.

The idea of a flashmob is that you just turn up somewhere, a station concourse for example and just mingle amongst the commuters. At a designated time, everyone whacks on their walkmans and *bang* instant public/private party! Dance away to your hearts content while bemused commuters look on.

Spent the next hour ringing all my friends and telling them to get to Vauxhall for 4:19pm, then got dressed up in my best gear and started drinkin at 1pm to get myself in the mood. By 4pm I was absolutely rat-arsed and sitting alone outside Vauxhall station. The tension was almost too much to bear, and I was eyeballing everyone with headphones to see if they knew about it. It all felt rather covert.

When 4.19 slipped by and I was still sat there like a twat, pissed as a fart, I got up, shook my arse on my own then looked at my phone which had a helpful text from C++ tellin me that the thing was actually tomorrow. And that I am a twat.

So anyone who can make it to Vauxhall tomorrow at 4.19pm with a walkman, I'll see you there!

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