New and even BIGGER moron (in more ways than one ladies...)

Following up my earlier post on the subject of guys who have been responding to my ad, I'd like to introduce you ladies and gentlemen to Magnum Burhan.

After a close lady-friend of mine told me about the grief that she got when she posted an ad up here from weirdos sending strange pics, I guess I shouldn't be all that surprised.

I just want to make sure you're sitting comfortably as Magnum has something to show you.

hello i m gigolo
who want sex with me waiting
i live in Turkey but mine very big think and feel ;)
who want travel with me waiting
cell: +90 505 5114**9
yahoo: horny3131
Magnum Burhan

[Picture of Magnums cock removed cos it was erm...taking up too much space]

Is this guy for real?! Heck his face can't really look like that can it?!

Having misplaced my sense of humour lately I could only muster up the following pretty lame response on the email.

Magnum if you're not gay then why are you sending me pictures of your cock?
I am a man. that's a MAN. I have a cock of my own. Thanks for the offer

Is this how they woo the ladies in Turkey?
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