Jeff Smith in town

Occasionally I do wonder about my state of perpetual singledom and then I remember...I'm a physics teacher and comics nerd. And it all makes sense.

Of course, I guess I'm not a stereotypical physics teacher (I'm out of work for a start - most other physics teachers aren't!) but I'd like to think I'm headed in the right direction with being a comics geek.

Last week I saw my all time hero, the man who redefined the comics medium and made me love comics again. Alan Moore, a man who still lives in Northampton and is a practising magician and writer of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell and the frankly unmatched Swamp Thing is to me the pinnacle of writing. This is a man who understands the medium of comics like no other and his work has set the standard to which the writers of today aspire to. For example the mighty Neil Gaiman pays reverent homage to the Swamp Thing most excellently in "Sandman: The Doll's House"

Shaking his hand and chatting to him, he's so down to earth. Still a big hero in my books, though I don't really get much of his recent stuff.

Anyway, I was in town today and was well chuffed to see that Jeff Smith, writer of Bone was doing a free talk in Borders. I didn't realise that the Bone saga has now ended, and is being rereleased in colour.

So naturally I had to see this. And here's me lookin like a fanboy!

After the show we were chattin and one guy I met lamented the fact that Doctor Who is now mainstream and that comics are acceptable as adult reading these days (debatable but if they are it's due in large part to Alan Moore and Meil Gaiman) His full comment was "Damn! I mean nowadays we geeks can even get girlfriends!"

Hey there's hope for us all...

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