Morons exposed

Looking at the post below that I put on gumtree you'd think it was pretty obvious to most people with a brain cell that I'm a MAN who has lost the post of a WOMAN.

Well clearly that is not the case. I was chattin to someone the other day who complained to me that when she posted on the net she got a bunch of saddos, who didn't even read her profile, answering with cut and pasted responses, desperate for a boffing.

After posting this thing in the "girls lookin for guys" section where I found the original post, I see exactly what she means. Check these little gems out...

i am shane
my number 07950180**1
call me

Hmmmm would YOU?

I m Kevin, 29 yrs old, 5 foot 9 inches tall, light skin ( My pparents are mix ) an attractive guy with a tender heart.
I m from Australia and working here as a Chef ( Italian)
I am a very positive , caring, loving and romantic guy.Love sports, like travelling, cinema, movies.
Photography and swimming are my hobbies.
Please drop me a mail,then I will reply with my pic.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Have a great weekend dear

Twat - read the bloody post - what sort of girl do you think is going to date you when you've not even READ what she has to say!?! Moron...


I am a 26 year old black man, finance professional with a zest for life, which I indulge myself in films, tv, sport and anything fun. I found your profile very refreshing and would like to get to know you.

Kind regards,

Twat - You "found my profile very refreshing"?!?! What part did you find 'refreshing' exactly? The part that said I was a man!?!

hi babe i wana get know u

Yeah the first way to do that would be to read my profile. It says I'm a man. What a moron

Seriously though. What idiot answers a post froma girl expecting to get some nookie without even reading the damn thing?! The sort of guy who doesn't listen to his woman perhaps? The sort of guy who is destined to be turned down cos he will go for absolutely anyone perhaps? The sort of guy that all women despise maybe?


Yeah probably...

I just want to add that it's not like me to expose people who email me on my blog. I don't really think that's on. The people who are here on this post are exactly the sorts of people who we don't want responding to women on sites like gumtree. They are the sort of people who put nice girls off posting as they don't care one iota about the people they are mailing. If you're offended by these posts, then why not think about the people you have mailed and how they feel about getting cut and pasted, soulless email back aftert all their efforts. Sort your lives out.
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