Carnival results 2006 - Yaa come out on top!

The results are out for the carnival competition on the road this year and Yaa have swept the board. After a brilliant start at the carnival splash at Alexander Palace where we blew the judges away taking 1st place for the King and 2nd for the Queen as well as taking 1st in the young adult queen and male individual (a brilliant performance from Marvin - really stood out as the robot slave) and 2nd for Merle as female individual

That boded well for the road and the team really pulled together to give the road judges something to think about. The costumes this year, the 2nd year of Yaa's end of slavery celebration made a lot of sense and finally came together. As the judges said, our message was clear and told professionally.

This led to perhaps our best result for years, and we swept the board for awards. 1st place in the large band category, the most prestigious category there is. We took 256 points ahead of the 2nd place Mahogany with 245. In the sub-categories we thrashed the competition coming in 1st for Historical bands with 256 points to 202 for Heritage group.

A good year for carnival and a great year for Yaa Asantewaa. With part 3 in the series next year we've got a lot to live up to.
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