30 days left...No I haven't lost the ability to count!



I got assessed yesterday at school for my PGCE and delivered quite possibly the best lesson I've ever given, to my top set year 8 who absolutely think I'm great. I stormed it and my tutor was impressed at the leaps and bounds I had made, so I could well be on my way to passing this goddamn course at last.

On the downside though, given my time off last term, I have to make up 2 weeks of teaching. While everyone else will be back in college next term I'm stuck in school teaching for 2 weeks. So I've got to grit my teeth and get down again. Dammit. The light at the end of the tunnel has just got a little more distant.

My year 8s were brilliant though - on the way out they said to Graham, "You've got to give him an 'A' sir, he's brilliant!" I thought they were so sweet! Of course there was chocolate involved...
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