20 more days to go

Well what a funny state of mind i find myself in these days. In my infinite frustration with this course and the course of my life in general (horrible children, funny pseudo-girlfriend, no social life that sort of thing) I find myself devising new and innovate devices for watching my life slip away. With glee I watch as the clock ticks the hours away to the end of the course, bringing me ever nearer to the gates of freedom and away from the torrent of constant abuse and non-compliant young people.

As the days go by I find myself counting in ever more intricate ways the time left to the end of the course. Today is a landmark milestone though and I thought I needed to add a post up here in its honour. There is now but one month left to go in school. One month. I will walk out of school on the 28th of May and probably not look back.


The clock on Gorge tells you the exact time left til the start of the Glastonbury festival and there's nearly 3 weeks to go til Denmark, where I dance carnival for the first time this year.

With Bank Holiday next weekend (school's closed) and a saints day on the friday after this means that there is in total 20 days of teaching left to go from here. Having monday off and friday means I miss my year 7 class twice meaning that I only have them 10 more times, which totals just over 9 more tortuous hours with that lot. Teaching them feels like being hung, drawn and quartered for 50 minutes so I'll be happy when that's over.

There's about 100 hours left of public humiliation and suffering to go and then I am free. £10k worth of public money spent training one man in endurance, that's what this year has felt like.
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