My Mister Miiagi moment

Bad day in the office today so I put my shorts on when I got home and walked myself down to my place of peace, the lake at Froebel, Roehampton, with my trusty nunchaku around my neck. As you do.

The lake at Froebel college is usually a haven of tranquility, devoid of people, which is just how I like it. An entire lake on the grounds of a stately home all for me. But term started today for the slackass undergrads today and the sun was out so the bloody place was flooded with girls and stuff. I was naturally terrified and hid in the woods with my weapon to entertain myself.

For 10 minutes I practised on my 'chucks and tried to memorise some moves and destress when this group of 4 big black guys comes up to me and says "Man we want a word with you"

Then in all seriousness one guy says to me "I want you to teach me kung fu"

So now, I have a small army of little helpers painting my fence and washing my dishes in wide-eyed admiration, while I continue to incompetently pummel myself with sticks on chains. Never look a gift horse in the mouth they say...
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