Silly-boy electronics

I have been wheeler-dealering lately. Buying on ebay then selling on Loot and Amazon, i've been makin small profit here and there but really been keeping myself entertained while the rigours of the course continue unabated.

Today for example I sold a camcorder to a guy via Loot for double the money I bought it on ebay. A hefty little profit and while I was on the phone to the guy he says to me, "say have you got any other electronics you'd like to sell?" So I decided to offload a really old digital camera on him as well. When I went to meet, he turns round and explains that a friend is off back to a third world country and he wanted to take back loads of electronics, and was there anything else I had that I might want to sell.

"Alright" I thought, as I rooted around in my pockets tryin to skin as much money as I could, "What else have I got"

And I stumbled thereupon my phone. Which I duly sold. Kept the sim mind, assuming that I could just pop it straight into my spare one in my room. For which I have no charger.

So for the next couple of days, due to my "entrepreuneurial" instincts I am sans telephone and hence for most of the day completely out of reach. I know that none of you fuckers ever ring me anyway so this is merely a courtesy post so you can laugh at my dumb ass.

Laugh away, but know that while you laugh I am free of the evil of mobile. Hurray!

"Out of touch" Mischief
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