Summer kungfu camp 2004 announcement

This years summer planz are startin to come together and my overwhelming desire to learn and practice more kung fu is the overriding theme for this year. I have suggested taking myself and some devout practitioners off to somewhere very remote, perhaps in Scotland or Ireland and live in a tent for some weeks, gettin up at the crack of dawn and doing mad skillz training a la Tom Cruise in Last Samurai.

TrizzleDizzle the one-legged samurai has suggested Cornwall which seems like a stunner of an idea. As long as we can get away from humanity and live in a tent or something away from prying eyes in order to perfect our art then I'm up for some. Any suggestions welcome

The plan is thus. Me and a group of my friends and their friends will take off and set up camp in somewhere remote. We'll take with us, beers, food, weapons and martial arts manuals and teach ourselves. Anyone up for some martial self-learning with some like-minded souls are free to join us, but you will need to bring your own tent, your own weapons and your own food.

Suggested dates based on my availability
28 June to 11 July
26 July to 28 August

Any suggestions in comments or by mail please
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