It's that day again...

You know, it's gonna happen sooner or later kid. You're gonna have to realise that you can't allow inconsistency in thinking. You can't make a big deal about your birthday just being another day, when you see Valentines day as the worst day of the year.

So this year, I'm gonna have to get over this. I'm gonna have to face it that yes, I am destined to be single for the rest of my life and that everyone around me will always sick it up in my face once a year. In the same way that I have neglected my birthday off the cuff as a day where you have to seize opportunity like any other, well so is feb 14 and for that matter every other day of the year. I can't talk about how I stand on the outskirts of society not worrying too much about fitting in, when I clearly see that I don't fit in like usual. Every other day of the year I couldn't give a fuck that I don't fit in, I like it actually. But this year on feb 14 I will turn a blind eye to the fact, and walk on the borders of society with my head held high as usual. There's no reason I should feel like shit for not fittin in just cos I'm expected by society to have a girlfriend. It's not my way to care what society thinks of me, and I should not allow a lame creation of marketing men to oppress me and crush my spirit.

I stand by my way of life, I am proud to stand out and live how I do. If ever anyone wants to go out with me then that's up to them, and until then I live my way, my life and by my methods. If you don't get it then tough shit.

I can't sit around and feel sick this year like I normally do, crushing nausea oppressing my brain and stirring my stomach. This year I can't play with sharp objects while I watch the letterbox. Because this year I don't give a fuck, if no-one acknowledges my existence. This year, feb 14 is another day to make an impact, another day to rip up London and make an impact on the world. It's just another day and I'm gonna see to it that I make the most of it like I do with every other.

Cos I am single and beyond caring.
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