Hell it's good to be back!

The new year is normally a time for reflection on the past year and for getting massively pissed. As you know, I don't do a vast amount of the later but I do do a hell of a lot of the former, so rather than go out tonight I thought I'd stay in and reflect on what exactly it is I done this year, cos it has really been quite a blur.

Having kept a big phat diary for the USA, I think enough reflection has been done there, so I thought I'd spend a bit more time thinkin about the 3 months between graduating and leaving the country. And I decided to check my old e-mail stash to put together the definitive back-dated diary of my summer exploits, which I've decided to post up on my website www.hoang.co.uk in the news section.

It's called Summer of Mayhem. As well as that little monster, I've completely updated my website to include all the photos I could find on the web of fun and games that I've been up to and all the older bits I've written.

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