Missiles at Warwick part 3 - "Better than a slap in the face?"

Hey Mister Warwick-boy, duck it's Me
The A-N-D is gonna teach you 1-2-3
Stand up and acknowledge the PhD
Get pen, make notes on Irony

Irony is a subtle comedy
It's nature is compliementary
It's humour derives from subtlety
like being alive in a cemetary

Monday nights when you listen to cheese
look around at the walking dead you see
Stop for a second to appreciate
you are the punchline to this sick joke

Alanis mentioned irony with a knife and spoon
you dance on drink like a blind baboon
you're lucky if you get an inch of space
the nights so shit you get off your face

You drink to forget, there's not much to remember
you're shaking, not your ass, but cos it's November
you know all the moves to 5ive like a fucking clone
You have no personality to call your own

Alanis' cutlery was just a pain in the arse
Irony is an angel with a devils laugh
Irony is the highest and the hardest form of humour
Sarcasm is his poorer cousin, a carcinogenic tumour

Sarcasm is a brute without charm
Irony is the Gentleman with his wife on his arm
Sarcasm is rude and spits in your face
Irony is elegant and sweet to the taste

Most of you think that they are both the same
That a Rose is a Turd by another name
You think you can play when you aint even seen the game
You ride through the shit on a subway train

But you continue to buy your ticket to ride
Unable to think for yourself, you buy what's advertised
Too scared are you to step out of line
Afraid of marginalisation if you speak your mind

So you get drunk and pretend that you like this shit
you run the risk of sinking in this human cesspit
Cheap whores in masks pretend to be your friend
Swim in what's deep don't drown in the shallow end

It's not just the music but the attitude
In a world of shit how can you be you?
If this world is yours then I will leave you be
It all boils down to Integrity

Refer to your notes from lecture 2
If you're a wise man then why do you act like a fool?
You are an individual
Get up off the floor, speak your mind, stand tall

Andy 2002
Vancouver, walking down the street in the rain
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