Prepare to be astounded

It's new years eve and I'm sitting in my living room with a warm cup of tea and my laptop, a big smile on my face and a book. Why am I not out partying? Well the answer's simple...

I don't need to.

I've partied non-stop for the past six months, it's not really as though I'm missing out by not freezing my nuts off and getting drunk tonight. You all know how much I don't really do getting drunk and throwing up anyway, and my idea of a good time isn't seeing my friends drunk, but seeing them being real.

On top of that though, I'm preparing for next year. This is the year where I will surprise you all with something. The closest to me will know a little what I'm talking about but this is going to be my year. This year I'm going to blow you all away with what I'm preparing tonight. I don't particularly want to go out anyway, I've got this idea up my sleeve and it aint gonna go away.

I don't need to go out and party tonight. I'm not the one who's got catching up to do.
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