Friends and Family

Thanks to all my bitches for making it so easy for me. Since getting off the plane at Heathrow I've been showered with your sentiments, good and otherwise and it's been brilliant.

Cheers to the Ants for the curry straight off the plane and for helpin me out. You have a beautiful baby and family Ants, never take them for granted and I hope you have a really good year. One love.

Met Tarik today and fuckin hell that was an explosion of energy too. Tal I love you man and will never let you down. There is no debt between us.

Got a full line up until the end of the week and Slutty (not Cez, housemate Slut) I have your present here but don't want to send it as it will get broken in the post.

DC - I may see you again soon

Pete - Good luck bro. Send me an original Shaolin postie and you can keep the bag with my love.
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