Sylvester Stallone

I finally got around to doing the one thing that I came to Seattle for today - I went to the master Bruce Lee's grave.

Located at the top of a hill in the Lakewood cemetary it was a peaceful location in an affluent area and the grave itself, nest to Brandon is a mecca for martial arts fans the world over, who come, like me, to pay their respects to a man whose inspirational persona lives on and has inspired us to enlightenment. It was such a humbling experience being in the presence of greatness and I read the 7 Tao poems that he inspired me to write (printed in the diary earlier) to his image on his headstone.

On the way down from the grave I spotted a sign that read "Talent and Models" and pointed into a little cottage-like building. Intrigued I decided to go in, only to find myself filling in an application form to be a model or actor. Fair enough.

And that's when I met him

Sylvester Stallone.

...'s stunt double. Yes the guy running the agency was Sly's stunt double and there were pictures all over the walls of the great man and the even greater man (decide for yourself which I mean) who said that I had a good look about me (of course I agree with him) and said that I need a portfolio to sign up. So it looks like perhaps my last chance at fame this year may have slipped away.

I found out the other day that even my nan has been on TV, and I now feel a little lagging in the fame department. Slit I need to find out if your bird knows anyone who can get me a Portaloo-folio done on the cheap. I'm gonna be on Tele dammit!

The day was topped off with an impromptu visit to a glass art place. Very nice. And the clearly gay but very nice owner gave me a personal blowing demonstation. I was blown away and felt very priveleged indeed.

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