And here's one you missed earlier part 8 - Laptop Diary archive


I'm bloody glad that I managed to put you off Warwick and that you've chosen Durham because of me. I guess it does put you the tiniest bit closer to Ricktor as well too. But the main reason I'm glad and happy is that you've averted a near-disaster. You've chosen life over an existence of mediocre shite. Congratulations.

Don't get me wrong I'm told that you can have a really good time in Warwick if you just try a little harder than I did. I was told by people in Warwick to lighten up. But when you look at me do you see a guy who needs to learn how to smile? No I thought not.

That place suffocates any chance you may have of having a genuinely good time if you are a person with any creativeness in you at all or if you possess even a tiny sense of adventure. They squeeze those two qualities right out of you and force you on the road to blandness, where you are made to tow the line. Warwick is the place to go if you really like blandness and a mediocre existence, if your lifes ambition is to be pretty much the same as everyone else and to not make too much of a show. It's the place to go if you just want to be forgotten and unnoticed in life.

Yeah Cez, Warwick is not really the place for a person like you. It wasn't the right place for a person like me and I'm still catching up on the time I lost. I'm glad you didn't make the same mistake.
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