V – This is a follow-up to the spontaneous outburst on Britney Spears that I mailed you in a previous life. Today, I have perhaps written the single most amazing work of my life. But you may never see it.

Horrific Attack on Britney Spears part 2

Now I know why Eminem’s so pissed
That Britney Spears is a talentless bitch
I could write her shit when I take a wizz
I’m doin it now and she’s in showbiz

”So other than that why’s she get your goat?”
Cos with that bitch it aint about songs but blowin your load
The kids all love her cos she looks like a slag
like a teenybop, underage, pop-idol wank mag

That Barbie-doll bitch don’t deserve a deal
she can’t fuckin sing and her tits aint real
ask to “do it again” and I just might pass
Britney Spears can kiss my arse

Andy 2002

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