Archives 2002: Mad mad summer 2002

:: Salterns School in Southampton for disabled kids needed a new playground to help sensory development of handicapped children. It was hard work but good fun and, try as they might, the rest of the lads could not even hope to have gotten me in the night. The second year of marshalling the Triathlon for the Coasters in Oxford proved to be fairly fruitful, although there were just way too many stewards and nowhere near enough participants. It's always a popular one this. Didn't make it to Brecon challenge as I was well busy that weekend, triple-booked I remember

Suzie took off to the far east again on the 4th of July, and I went off to buy some new football boots. I started writing epic e-mails about the goings on in London, which form the basis of most of these memoirs

On 7 July I went to Victoria Embankment Gardens with Tarik and saw an open air African dance show. It was Totally Talibah and her minions from the Yaa Asantewaa centre and I had finally found a way to fulfill my lifelong ambition: To dance in a costume in a masquerade band at Notting Hill. Things were about to get hot

Am knackered, have just gotten back from a week in Glastonbury which has been an absolutely unforgettable experience. Rolf Harris is a genius!

I've just sorted myself out for the next 3 months. Not bad at all considering I've only just got back to London. I've got not 1, not 2 but 3 jobs lined up, although 2 are definite and the other is as good as got. Life is good for sure!

:: Yeah life was good back then. I got my degree result on my phone by text in the middle of a field and me and Matt cheered when we knew I didn't have to go back to Warwick for a viva. The sun was out and I felt like I was in Heaven, watching Rolf Harris, Belle and Sebastian, and Weekend Players among others. Little did i know things were gonna get a little crazier ::

I personally didn't meet anyone famous but kinda got the distinct impression
that I was the famous one! I was sittin in the Oxfam tent eating and a
couple of girls came up and sat down next to me and looked at me munching my
burger. It was, as you can imagine, a little offputting, but after about a
minute the one right next to me turns round and says to the other one "yeah
it's definitely him"!!!! So I had to ask what they were talkin about and she
turns and says "I've got a picture of you on my wall" - needless to say I
was completely gobsmacked! Turns out that they were Raleigh-affiliated and I
met them once upon a time in Brecon beacons on a volunteer weekend. No
sooner had that revelation been made but another Raleigh guy comes out of
nowhere and says "Alright Andy".

:: I did get a little tired from my hectic schedule. I became a little bit of an insomniac actually... ::

Am VERY tired so this will be short you'll be pleased to hear. This weekend
I have built a school playground for disabled kids in Southampton and seen
Nitin Sawhney, Badmarsh and Shri and Asian Dub Foundation in concert. And
yes I think I may have overdone it when I got back from Southampton and
slept all the way into london then picked up the baton and carried right on.
And so as a result I am now absolutely fucked and need to go to bed. Friday
9.5, saturday 9, sunday 9. Some points have been knocked off sundays score
because I'm so tired. Week scores a first again (surprise)
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