Archives 2002: Glastonbury 2002

I've just finished my exams and I'm going to Glastonbury tomorrow to work as
a steward. It's gonna be great - I get the festival free and I get to work
for a good cause as well! I am so relieved to finally be out of there, it
was really getting me down and it's so good to be back even though I am back
in shitty Thamesmead.

Looks like I'll be working a bit with Raleigh and Millennium Volunteers this
summer. MV have sorted out a carnival float for Notting hill complete with
Steel Band, all from a crazy idea that I came up with last year, so I should
be working with them on that. Then in November I should be flying out to
Thailand to teach English and learn Kickboxing. I can't wait!

:: The idea was to go to Thailand with i to i to teach English and kick butt but it worked out to be too expensive especially with no job to speak of. I had already been keeping my head to the floor to try and make costumes for Notting Hill and Gillian at Raleigh Head office is supremely well connected and had set up a project with a steel band. All of you know I have no idea how to play musical instruments so when I bumped into Totally Talibah at a concert in Embankment Gardens and she offered up a chance to wear a costume and dance I wasted no time ::
Quick story though before I bust into todays review though. The heading of this e-mail derives from a very bizarre incident that happened to me over breakfast in the Oxfam tent at Glastonbury. Following my shock stalker on the bus on the way home from the union in the last week (she had followed religiously every move I'd made since the first year...spooky!) I was even more shocked to find that i was the celebrity once more but this time in the middle of a field in somerset.

There I was just casually munching my bacon and fried slice and a couple of really nice girls came down and sat next to me. one of them, the fitter one I may add then proceeds to sit and just stare at me for about 30 seconds before announcing to her mate - "yeah it is him"(!!!!!)

Yeah so naturally I'm a bit freaked out by this stage and there was more to come. "What d'you mean 'it's him'?" I sez. "Well" she sez, "I've got a picture of you on my wall. Your name is Andy isn't it? And you do Maths or something don't you?" Suffice to say I nearly choked on my bacon butty!

Turns out that I met her last year at Brecon on a Raleigh weekend. And her friend. And the 3 other people who suddenly materialised and greeted me warmly. I really am the most popular man on the planet!

Oh yeah and on my first oxfam shift, I was just messin around and entertaining people, and a girl who had been watchin me from the bus jumped on me and proposed. Naturally I accepted but I never saw her again. But we are engaged. How sad that the heart is so fickle.
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