Round one - Return from the perv

Oh he's FAST! Check out this smut...

So many fantasies to choose from, as weve only just started I shall begin fairly tamely.....dont wanna go too far too soon now do i!?

I would be a massage therapist and you come in for a session. Its all innocent enough, apart from the fact that we clearly like the look of each other. I leave you to get undressed and come back into the room when your all stripped off and laying face down on the table. I start on your shoulders, getting you all nice and relaxed, we dont speak, your happy enjoying the feelings on your back and shoulders and Im happy concentrating on my job I work your shoulders and the top of your arms, working down your back to the top of your bum, the nolises coming from you are all very encouraging. I switch to your legs, unaware of how turned on your starting to get. I work from your calves up to the top of your legs, eventually going under the bottom of your towel to get to your legs.I work on your back again, doing your sides, rubbing the edge fo your breasts as i do, they looked fantastic when you walked in, I couldnt help but check you out, even when you were fully clothed your body looked great. As i run my hands over the sides of your breasts again you dont complain, I take this as an encouraging sign.
I ask if you want to turn over and look away as you change your position and pull a towel over your pussy and a smaller one over your tits I start on your shoulders moving down and doing the top of your tits, we smile at each other as i do, then I go to your stomach, working slowly then testing your reaction as I slip my hands beneath your towel to rub the very bottom of your tummy. You seem to be getting more turned on, so I move back up and do around your tits, Im getting nearer and nearer to your tits and you keep looking at me smiling, I brush my hand over your nipple and you look at me and smile telling me it feels good, I do it again and after a bit you pull the towel away and tell me to go for it. I concentrate on your tits for ages then back down your body to your tummy, doing the same thing, brushing closer and closer to your pussy. You tell me its really turning you on. I have one hand massaging your tit and the other rubbing just above your pussy.
Your staring at the bulge in my trousers now, its obvious this is turning me on as much as you, I squeeze your nipple and its too much for you, you reach out and grab my cock through my trousers, with your other hand you push your other towel to the floor leaving you naked on my table, I stare at your body while you work my cock free from my zip and lick it greedily, I still have one hand working on your tits as I let the other fall between your legs and start to touch your pussy, Im suprised how wet it is, how excited you must have been, I stroke you gently as you start to suck my cock, you push my hand firmly against you, telling me you want me to be a bit rougher with you. Im more than happy with this and start to work your pussy with my fingers. You pull my pants down and keep sucking my cock as I work one then two fingers inside you................

want to hear more????

Are you being SERIOUS?! Right readers, I've not actually bothered to read the above, but if anyone can help me reply we can keep this thing going...

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