Pen pal mischief

I've got some mail coming from a guy that replied to my ad on gumtree. It should be quite an exciting post, and in addition we've been conversing by email too. Here's his last one...

Regrettably, the envelope I put in the 'Mail Out' tray at work has been returned. I haven't dared ask why -- I've spent the last few months testing the limits of the mailrooms hospitality with various requests, and to be honest I'm a little frightened of them.

So I'll have to do it myself -- I'll whack some stamps on there and dump it in the post. I might even customise the envelope, who knows. I hope to have it to you very soon, though.


Good to see the spirit of mischief running through here! Love the way that the recession has bitten so hard that they can't afford a stamp in his office too! :-)
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