Non-digital bonus

For Trini I left my Canon 20D at home and decided to shoot film using an old Canon 1000F and a Canon Canonet QL19 as well as a Lomography 4 frame action shooter, which is this camera that has 4 lenses on it that take 4 shots onto a single piece of film in quick succession. This way, when you print out you get a picture divided in 4 with 4 different split seconds. Weird but cool sounding idea. I've got to develop it and see what it's like, results here later.

When I got the cameras out the old QL19, which is so manual I haven't a clue how to actually use it, had a film in it, so I quickly finished it off and put a new film in and started snapping away. Turns out that this film contains some REALLY old pics, including strangely, a few pics I took in Vancouver in 2002 and my PGCE graduation in 2004. Bonus!

The pics themselves are a bit crap and make you glad that digital photography is around now, but a nice surprise nonetheless.
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