Flyfishing #3

So I'm dancing in just my shorts at Insomnia in Trinidad right and the management turn on the hoses to water everyone down at about 8am. Everyone is raving, and I RULE that damn dancefloor. Beenie Man is playing a stormer, head to head with Bunji Garlin and it is one of the best dances I have ever been to. The mud gets churned up, the hoses are making the crowd wild, but it's acknowledged that I am the geezer in charge of that dancefloor.

Then, this beautiful Jamaican girl in a red bikini comes over. She abandons the other boys she's dancing with and dances with me solidly for about 20 minutes and it is without a dance the best dance I have ever had. She says the same thing.

Somehow, I let this slip through my fingers. Even I could see that this time around I had done something special. I had whupped EVERYONE and the girl was in my arms.

Then Beenie Man plays "Zim Zimmer Who got the keys to my beemer" and the crowd goes WILD!! Hell who wouldn't. What a TUUUUUUUUUUNE!

Up til now it's all been danceable stuff right. So I let her slip through my fingers, while I raved, got really carried away and then FORGOT all about her after the song, and went to the bar to get more rum.

Am I human? Or am I dancer? Or am I just a fuck-up?

Answers on a postcard if possible please...
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