2 great discoveries at Gatwick airport

These days I spend a lot of time in airports and have made two great discoveries at Gatwick in the last few years. The first one was that mental hand drier that Dyson have started packing these days. DAAAAAMN. The Xcelerator is such a brutal hand drier I took my camera out and videoed the damn thing in the toilet! However, I lost my video, so here's one of a random girl on youtube getting her face blown off by an xcelerator to prove my point

These days I am a little blase when preparing to travel, so left packing til about 10 minutes before I left the house, and left leaving the house, til about half an hour later than I was supposed to, but got there in the nick of time.

On the way through at Gatwick I noticed that you could get your Iris scanned. Cool, I thought, they would do that Mission Impossible thing with the cross-lasers. Turns out the IRIS machine isn't QUITE as sexy as that, but it turns out that it's a camera that takes pics of your eyes then lets you through without them having to look at your passport when you come in.

When I arrived back in the country, I waltzed right to the front of the queue as no other bugger had bothered to do IRIS, took my glassses off, snapped away and walked straight through, with a liberal backwards smug glance, only to end up waiting half an hour for my baggage on the other side.


So Gatwick, my favourite London airport, you've got most of it right, I can dry my hands, blow my face off and not have to make pleasantries with passport control, now let's see another crazy-ass innovation with the bags shall we...
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