Xmas speed-dating

I've decided to start speed-dating. I've not done it yet, mainly cos it costs money and there's going to be girls there, but couldn't resist replying to this ad on gumtree today,

Endemol Television are currently filming a new dating show pilot for Channel 4. We're looking for single people aged 20 - 35 to come and join us for a fabulous speed-dating event in London on Thursday 18th December at 5.30pm.

So they've got back to me, I may have to shoot out the office a little early but it's FREE and I might be ON TV!?! Hmmm this sounds like too good an opportunity to pass up on.

Only problem though is that tomorrow is the office xmas party. It's in the office from 3:30 and drinks are free.

Not being one to pass up on a bargain, I can already see a recipe for disaster brewing here.

But it's ok, I have it all planned.

I'm just gonna drink as much as I can on the office tab to save me some money for the date and then I'm gonna sober up in the half hour bus journey before going and getting filmed trying not to be a lecherous drunk.

What could possibly go wrong?
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