Tips for getting through the credit crunch

With all the media hype about the credit crunch recently, I decided to start cutting back on spending a bit in case I found myself out of work. Not that a recession would make any difference, I tend to lose my job every 6-9 months, recession or no, probably because I keep pissing my bosses off.

I guess at this point I might also want to put my lack of recent blogging down to the credit crunch, but that would be lying.

This week though, I've decided to make the best of the global financial crisis and use it as an excuse to be even cheaper than usual. I decided to cut down the outgoings by shopping in charity shops as always and generally not going out. Same as every other day. And not shaving. That should please some of my readers...

Some of my super buys this week include this Vietnam national football team shirt (2 quid from Fara charity tat shop on Shepherd's Bush Green)

And this ceramic replica of Chthulhu the octopus-headed embodiment of evil from a little charity shop in Roehampton. (£1.50)

In fact, I found that shortly after going frugal I started to get a little obsessed with the idea. Thing is I don''t give a damn about saving money as such, but just the feeling that I have sniffed out a "bargain" is enough to make me quite happy.

As a result, I have started visiting The Money Saving Expert every day and scrolling through the forums for bargains, for no other reason than to be a bit tight.

For your information this is what I found:

P&O are giving away a crate of 6 bottles of wine worth £28 when you book a day trip to France for £30! Credit Crunch?! What credit crunch! The gang are heading off to France in the first weekend of December and knowing us we'll be taking most of the rest of December to actually drink the wine.

Travelodge are doing a load of rooms for 9 quid - That's gotta be a bargain, even if Travelodge rooms are usually next to motorways! A night next to a motorway for 9 quid has gotta be a bargain!

Anyway I'll let you search the rest yourself. I was out today though, playing squash with Matt and he tells me that Poundstretcher are now selling selected porn mags for a quid.

So if you were worried the credit crunch might hit you hard in the pocket and you'd have to make cutbacks, fear not poundstretcher saves the day again!

I must confess I am a little worried about what sort of quality pornography you can reasonably expect for a pound, but apparently it's been security tagged for theft.

Can you imagine going to court for that...
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