Horoscopes part 2

Having decided to live my entire life by what the horoscopes tell me to do following their particularly accurate and not-coincidental-at-all advice on Monday and Tuesday I found in the papers on Thursday the happy news that I should "Go out and spend a load of money to cheer yourself up"

WOOHOOO! I'm not one to believe in bogus claptrap like religion or other related psychobabble but if Mystic Meg tells me to go out and crack the credit card out and get lashed then who am I to argue. So far so good.

Friday was a little less of a self-indulgent one, and i was told that I had to listen to some of my friends opinions over the weekend for a change. So give me some opinions and I promise I'll listen to you this weekend cos the astrologer told me to.

This is a one-off so you'd better make the most of it.
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