Demonstration eyeballs

I went to the opticians the other day to get some contact lenses for carnical annd while there I thought I would look into the more snazzy cosmetic ones too.

The optician was really nice and gave me a few trial coloured lenses to try out.

Today I went down to Brighton with Mr S and The Amber one and in a bit of a rush out the door I thought I'd slip the contacts in.

Having brown eyes naturally, the orange wasn't immediately noticed on the train and when I turned to Mr S and asked him if he noticed the eyes, he hadn't. So I pointed them out and got him to look a little closer.

As he peered inwards he said

"Actually geezer the colour isn't exactly obvious but why the hell have they got the word 'DEMO' written across them?"

"They do?! Shit!" I had previously harboured fantasies of getting hundreds of free contact lenses from opticians and having ladies peering deeply into my eyes drawn like moths to flames to their mystical artificial allure. So much for that plan. May as well tell em I get all my clothes from Oxfam as well. Back to the drawing board then.
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