Footwear rebate

When I was a kid I always wanted a pair of Kangaroos. The trainers that is, not the marsupials.

The reason for this is pretty obvious. Although they are crap, Kangaroos possess one feature that no other trainers possess.

They have a pocket sewn into the tongue just like a real Kangaroo. Sort of.

I never spend much money these days on trainers, just 20 quid of the local currency every 9 months or so when a hole appears in the bottom of the trainers I'm wearing at the time.

Today was hole day and, after attending the kids day at the Carnival Splash in Alexandra Palace (I'm performing tomorrow in case anyone is free)I realised that the air was starting to come through the sole so I took myself off to Oxford Street and bought the first pair of cheap trainers I could find in the sale rack, a pair of brown Dunlop Green flash for 15 English quid.

On taking my shoes off I remembered that this pair of holey trainers was a pair of Kangaroos given to me by HK last year in Madrid so I thought I had best check before I threw them away.

Turns out that over the last 9 months I have, wisely or not, stashed a total of 2 Euros and 20 cents in the tongue which was equivalent to having bought the trainers with like a 1 pound 50 discount! That's like 10%!

Trainer rebate! Result!
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