One for the ladies

I got out of work early today and decided to board a metro in Cairo for the first time and just go to a far off station and get a little lost.

This was to prove a little more difficult than I initially thought.

I've never really been the sharpest tool in the shed, and I boarded the metro at Sadat station with narry a clue of where I was going, daydreaming about girls.

Hearing a chatter of voices brought me back to the present just as the doors began to close, and I realised that I was surrounded by women.

"Strange," I thought, as I realised that the majority of the carriage were wearing hijabs "Maybe the women in Egypt travel mainly by metro"

at which point one women kindly pointed out

"Ladies only"

Oh shit! I dived off the train a split second before being sent to Hell/Jail and the doors slammed shut behind me with a noise that sounded strangely like the word "chump" and drove all the ladies away into the sunset leaving me alone on the platform.

Story of my life.
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