Changing tyres in Cairo

Roaming the back streets of fuck-knows-where I bump into this guy changing the brake pads on his Cairo taxi cab. I took a few quick snaps and he invited me to come over and sit down. Not speaking any Arabic myself I tried to work out what he said next, and when I couldn't make head nor tail of it, I decided that what he was trying to say was

Why not have a crack at this monkey-wrench and add fixing up a Cairo cab to your collection of foreign adventures.

And so I did.

I wish I understood any Arabic at all,

I'm sure he must have been totally bewildered as to why a Chinesey guy in a shirt and shoes would want to be tightening the nuts on the wheels of a Cairo cab!

I tightened up the bolts holding the wheel on and when I was done, he asked me if I fancied letting the cab off the jack, which I did.

Once I was done he jumped in and drove off. Given that I've never fixed a car in my life and I am built like a stack of marshmallows, I worry about the wisdom of his hurry.

As the day wore on, I saw a bunch of guys loading up 20kg bags of sugar onto the back of a truck. The foreman said jokingly

You want to help us?

to which I obviously was not going to say no.

After loading up half the van, I took a few more pictures and went on my way.

Just before evening struck I was walking by a car repair yard and a guy was using a blowtorch to strip paint from a car frame.

And for some reason he didn't invite me to have a go.

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