A rare piece of linguistic genius

A few months back I was walking in a park in Barcelona, when a dodgy-looking guy came up to me.

"Are you foreign?" he said

"Yeah," I replied. "What's it to you?"

"Show me your passport"

"Why should I?" I replied. "Who are you?"

"I'm police" he said

"Yeah right" I said, "Show me some identification then"

At this point the guy whipped out a Romanian Identification card. As you may recall I lived in Romania for 6 months, so I'd seen one or two of these things in my time.

"Ah." I said, "Tu esti Romanesti"


"Tu esti Romanesti da?" I repeated. "Ce Faci?"

This had him completely lost for words.

"Vorbesti limba Romana?" I said, just checking he actually could speak his own language.

"Errrrrrrr. Da"

"Good." I said "Then fuck off and stop trying to pretend you're a policeman"
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