The menu del dia

Since I started work here, and since the beginning of time, the canteen has always run a pretty simple buffet of not bad nosh every lunch break. For your subsidised lunch ticket you could go up and chow down on starters, main courses and deserts to your stomachs content.

A few weeks ago (yeah I've fallen a little behind on the blogging lately, more of which later...) I was called in to see the manager of the canteen at work.

"Erm Andy," he said, "I don't really know how to put it to you, but..."

I shifted the two oranges I had in my hands

" eat too much"


"Well look don't get me wrong." He backtracked, "You can eat as much of the starter and main course as you like, but you have to agree that 3 pots of yoghurt and 4 oranges a day AND the sponge cake is a little excessive right..."

"Hell no," I protested, "I have to teach brats and that's hungry work!"

Anyway, the next day a sign went up to the effect of

The MENU DEL DIA (Menu of the day) consists of the following
  1. ONE starter
  2. ONE main course
  3. ONE dessert
That means YOU Hoang

Well that's the first time I've ever been banned for eating too much! Whatever next!?

Oh yeah, that's the one... I haven't had my contract renewed either this year even though I have worked my arse off for this place, and I have been given no reason whatsoever. Apparently I have to arrange an appointment to be told the reason, but the management has been kinda hostile so I don't see that happening. That's illegal isn't it? To know the reason your contract has not been renewed is your right no?

Anyway, I have two GREAT blogs of what happened next, just waiting to be published as soon as I'm a safe distance away from the blast zone.

It's kinda sad to see that I have gone from working 110% FOR the school, to being pissed on by a management team who have taken offence at some personal feature of mine (I'm a better teacher than they are and I pretty much told them as much), and now I work 110% in the opposite direction.

It's a pisser, but my pupils still get my undivided attention cos I am not there to work for some idiotic management team, but I am there to work for the kids and that part of my job remains unchanged despite the running battles that are going on behind the scenes.

I'll publish the blogs of the running battles in a few months...
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