Toilet paper confessions

I live on the fifth floor of a block in Madrid and it faces outwards onto the road. Just outside my flat there's a late-night supermarket.

Very often people will park up and jump out to get some some bread and in the process, they will block some other guy into their parking space.

So what normally follows is that the blocked party then sits there honking their horn and pissing everyone in the neighbourhood off until the person comes in and drives away.

Last night, at about 11:30pm this happened and the silly arsehole was sat there for about 5 minutes with his hand on the horn.

I went to the window and shouted "FUUUUCK OFF HIJO DE PUTA!!!" very loudly but to no avail.

In the end I snapped, went inside, grabbed a wet wad of toilet paper and flung it out from the fifth straight on the prats windscreen. That shut him up!

And yes I feel rather good about it too...

Oh big hello to the person in Riga, Latvia who stumbled across my site after typing in "Gorilla fucks nun" on google and came up with this classic gorilla and banana in Amsterdam tale. I always love it when that happens.
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