Shit. Head.

A while back you may recall I was overjoyed to find that there was the possibility of getting turd thrown at me in Spain. Initially I had thought that this sort of thing only happened in the third world, like when I was in Delhi a few years back, but I never suspected that the shit would hit me in quite the way it did last weekend in Barcelona.

I've just bought me a new camera recently, a Canon 20D, and a bargain telephoto lens and so, walking around Parque Guell, Gaudi's famous town when I saw this pigeon parked astride a tower.

Now normally I wouldn't take a shot of a pigeon on a tower, but seeing as I have a new snazzy camera, I felt obliged to take a shot like this.

So I started focussing up with the totally manual generic lens, getting really into it when suddenly I felt this *slop* on my head.

Looking up in the air I got a little confused when I saw that there were no birds around, then suddenly out of nowhere these two 'helpful' Mexicans came along armed with tissues and started patting me down!

With a 400 Euro phone in one pocket, a £135 point and shot camera and a 500 Euro camera in my hand, all coupled with slitty eyes and a confused look I must have looked every bit the Japanese tourist and they must have thought Christmas had come a few weeks early as they attempted to rummage through my trousers.

Luckily though, I was onto their cunning scheme and allowed them to wipe off the 'birdshit' while I put my hands firmly in my pockets.

After they had left I did notice the that 'birdshit' on my head did smell strangely similar to guacamole.

It didn't taste too bad either.

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