CFCs and the Ozone Layer?!

Could someone please tell me why, in the middle of the unit entitled "Rollercoasters and Relativity" in the new EDEXCEL 360 Syllabus, the publishers have put a worksheet about CFCs and the Ozone Layer?!

Specifically they've put the worksheet in the folder to correspond to the page entitled "Einstein and Relativity"

I've tried to make some connection here between the two concepts but no I can't see any thread that these two things. Anyone else see it?

God this course could have been better written by a bunch of monkeys. What retard was put in charge of this shit anyway?!

If you haven't already, make sure you get yourself over to the Open Letter to AQA by Wellington Grey and Retrospectacle, which is a strangely entertaining neuroscience blog by this fit bird. Phwoar!
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