Oh dear, look who's lacking a sense of humour


It's a sad fact that not everyone in the world is endowed ability to understand the more subtle elements of humour.

I poked the other Andrew Hoang on facebook yesterday, just to see what he was like but he turns out to be a rather unpleasant type. Here's his immediate response on facebook. Doesn't he sound like an obnoxious prick, lacking a sense of humour...?

Fucking Kill me? "Bollucks" Fucking kill Yourself. Obviously you weren't meant to continue the name you fucking wanker. When i say wanker I'm referring to the same no talent ass clown Beckham. His pathetic introduction to the U.S. reminds me of the u.s.'s dominance to your crumpet loving fagot ville. Hey if you want a website start Andrew Hoang ACME and stop bitching. It's not my fault your completely unoriginal and have to search something like your name on Google. Get a fucking life. Start a fucking real website. Something other than your name. Your blog by the way is pathetic and a total shame to anyone who claims the name. Kill yourself in sublimely idiotic fashion. fuck you.

**all opinions or comments posted by andrew hoang and or the andrew hoang street team do not necessarily reflect the true opinions or feelings of andrew hoang and or the andrew hoang street team

All in response to a poke.

Sad huh.

P.S. I'd like to congratulate David Beckham for taking advantage of the Americans, going in there and taking all the cash despite being way past his prime. And they fell for it! Hahaha!
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