Oh by the way I got sacked today.

The school decided that they would bow down to the wishes of some pushy parents and not bother to renew my contract, despite the increased pass rate at year 10 and 9. Turns out that basically the whiney, lazy little shits who failed this year through a lack of work had parents with big mouths and they hassled and hassled.

Here's the deal. The last guy was such a weed that he never failed anyone.

20%? - Yeah that'll be a C.

Myself though I have a few more scruples than that and even when I was explicitly ASKED to change a grade by a parent (can you fuckin believe that!?) I said no. It's about time that his little angle learnt to study properly. And so I find myself looking for a new job and possibly a new country.

I have my ethics and conscience still intact and I done a great job. That's what matters.
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