Mr. Marzouk of Kuwait - you are scum

As much as I love working and teaching abroad, the main hazard of this lifestyle is that you are not covered by unions.

The next hazard is that usually your ass is not covered by your own schools, who are often happy to sacrifice you at the altar when high-powered or loud parents come in wanting your head. That's what happened to me in THE ENGLISH MONTESSORI SCHOOL IN ARAVACA in MADRID where you will find no support at all from the senior management team.

Often the concepts of discipline are totally lost on these people, who react in the strangest ways, setting the worst example for their children and undermining the authority of the teachers they pay to teach their little angels.

I've just seen a very worrying article about an American teacher in Kuwait who, after giving a kid a suspension, found herself banned from leaving the country, because the kids dad works for the government.

This prick, Mr Marzouk, arranged it so that she can now never travel again in the Gulf.

I don't think I have the words to say how sick this prat makes me.

I'll just quote the words of Skunk, who has an excellent blog on Kuwait

shame on you mr marz…..

oops i better not say incase i get pettyassed by the dude too.

hmmm wait a minute, wasnt someone from the same family elected to parliament?

why, yeeeeees,…. and my what a clean campaign that guy led.

now, this aint my country so i really shouldnt give a shit, but what the hell kind of adults do you think youre gonna get if kids see their parents acting in such an appalling manner?

monkey see, lil monkey do,… and lil monkey grows up to be asshole monkey.

and lets not forget, if this shit goes unpunished and unresolved, then guess what, aint no body gonna want to come teach here no more.

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