I was just chatting to My Little Pony, who is in Kuwait. As she can't get eatfoss, cos that lucky bastard managed to get himself banned in Kuwait somehow, I had to copy and paste my comment on his latest post to her.

Basically the Kuwaitis have banned pretty much everything even after their apparent "liberation" *cough!*.

Among the banned items are pork, beer, sex, fun, Fahrenheit 911 and Schindlers List.

Among the things NOT banned in Kuwait however are capital punishment, stoning people to death, beheadings and being a wanker.

At this point Pony tells me that SHE has a copy of Schindlers List in the house.

Oh dear.

25 years in a Kuwaiti hell-hole for you Pony.

And proably for you too Foss you naughty boy.
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