Useful Spanish phrases

You may recall some time back that I bought this phone, purely for blogging, only to find that the whole bloody interface is in Spanish and can't be changed.

Anyway, after tryin to get my hands on an English version without success I decided in my infinite wisdom that havin a phone in Spanish that I didn't understand at all could only be a good thing in helpin me get to grips with the language (and ultimately get laid)

So i kept it and navigated mainly using the icons. But on my way I have picked up some useful phrases to expand my repertoire with the ladies.

Now, in addition to the alphabet I can say Cut (cortar), Copy (copiar) and Paste (pegar)

...which i can't see getting me very far. If that fails i can try sayin 'select all' (seleccionar todo) or 'remove cells' (eliminar celdas).

With this level of charm at my disposal no doubt I will bag myself a cute honey in no time!

If all else fails though, what lady could possibly resist the man that slides up to them in the bar and whispers in their ear...

"Insertar columna guapa" (Insert column beautiful)

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all...
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