My moustache: Day 1

My closest friends will know that no matter how long I go without shaving my moustache never seems to get longer than about half a centimetre.

For years I've been trying to grow a wise old Chinaman moustache and beard set, but to no avail perhaps due to a lack of wisdom, or maybe just the incorrect balance of hormones.

Some people however do not believe that I go for literally WEEKS without shaving so I thought I'd start keeping a diary of the Adventures of Andy's Moustache on here to show you all that it is indeed possible for me to go for weeks without shaving and develop absolutely bugger all on my lip.

So here we are, Me and Moustache close-up with about 3 weeks worth of growth.

After this pic was taken I went looking for my razor. Thing is that it's been so bloody long since I had to use it that I didn't even know where I had put it. I've had razors go rusty in the time it takes me between shaves.

and here we are 2 minutes later with a clean shave and a dirty great spot.

So follow the adventures of my moustache right here on mischief as it grows, probably saying it's first sentence, learning to crawl, childhood and perhaps even puberty until the final curtain where I chop it off again in about a months time.

Apologies in advance for any visible bogeys, nasal hair or old dried up ravioli...
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